In Frankenstein in chapter 5, is the focus in this section on the process of creation, the Creature, or somewhere else?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter five of the first volume of Frankenstein, Victor finally comes face-to-face with the Creature he has been both laboring over and obsessed with. He does not realize the error of his experiment until it is too late- until life has been restored to the being.

Therefore, I believe that the focus on the section is Victor's final recognition that he has committed a sin, an aberration, and released a monster on earth. Victor flees from his "son" after first seeing his monster:

I started from my sleep with horror; a cold dew covered my forehead, my teeth chattered, and every limb became convulsed: when, by the dim and yellow light of the moon, as it forced its way through the window shutters, I beheld the wretch—the miserable monster whom I had created.

Victor flees from his flat and finds he is unable to rest. The only thing on Victor's mind is:

the demoniacal corpse to which I had so miserably given life.

Therefore, the chapter seems to be about Victor's recognition that his obsession, and the completion of his experiment, are not things with which he should be proud. Instead, he continually fears what he has done and what is to come.


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