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Things Fall Apart

by Chinua Achebe

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When confronted with change, is it better to resist or adapt? You may use Okonkwo, and the other Ibo clansmen.

Well, I want to say adapt because otherwise you kind of get swept away because there will always be change.

The only problem is I can't come up with a thesis because I can't think of 3 body paragraphs that won't repeat the same point, I guess. Can you guys give me some ideas or details that I could use?

Expert Answers

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Perhaps you could widen your focus a little bit, and your analysis, to include the idea that not just Okonkwo but other folks involved ought to be willing to change.  If you look carefully at the District Commissioner and his attitude towards the "primitive tribes," there are a number of opportunities that he and other authorities have to chane and avoid some of the tragedy of the story but they choose not to adapt.  The common misconception is that of course Okonkwo should have thought about changing to adapt instead of killing himself, but there were several parties involved in the run-up to his ultimately killing himself.

In doing so, you may find plenty of things to say so that you aren't repeating yourself and will likely have a far stronger essay in the end.

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