When CaCl2 reacts with HCL there is no visible change. Name the ions that must be absent from calcium chloride?Please HELP...........'visble ions that must be absent from Cacl2...'

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Calcium Chloride does not "react" with HCl.  Calcium chloride is a water soluble ionic salt formed from one Ca+2 cation, and two Cl-1 anions. When CaCl2 is combined with water, the ions dissociate as they dissolve in the water.

Likewise, HCl, a covalently bonded gas, when dissolved in water, forms H+ and Cl- ions.

So when you combine CaCl2 and HCl in an aqueous solution, you end up with a mixture of Ca+2, H+, and Cl- ions in water.

None of the ions disappear, or go away. The compounds simply dissociate.


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