When Betty wakes up, is there actually a psalm with the words "Going up to Jesus" or is something else used instead? Can I get it on a soundtrack?

Expert Answers
rshaffer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, there is not a soundtrack to the reference of a psalm being sung in the meeting house.  The congregation is worshipping and singing praise to God.  Betty hears the song with the word "Jesus" in it, and she begins to act frantically, crying out for her mother.  You need to remember that just before this happens, Betty Parris can hear Abby talking to John Proctor about their affair.  Also, don't forget that Betty has knowledge about Abigail conjuring spirits to put a curse on Goody Proctor.  All of these instances could logically be the reason for her outburst.  So, Betty does actually hear the psalm with the words "Going up to Jesus" being sung,  but it is just a church hymnal, not a song to be placed on a soundtrack.