When Beowulf arrived at Hrothgar's court, what characteristics does Beowulf reveal about himself in his inroductory speech?What characteristics does Beowulf reveal about himself in his speech?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, it is obvious that Beowulf is very gracious.  He flatters Hrothgar and his mead hall, Heorot, calling it the "best of all mead-halls". He also shows that he is one who is unafraid to help, telling Hrothgar that when it was suggested to Beowulf by his people that he help the Danish people rid themselves of Grendel, he accepted the duty.  He tells Hrothgar that he was chosen because of his strength and fierceness in battle so that tells the reader that Beowulf is a good warrior.  He goes on to tell Hrothgar about a battle he had with five great giants and how he was victorious.  This shows that he possesses a strength beyond normal.  Next he tells Hrothgar that he will fight Grendel with no weapons but his own hands because Grendel uses no other weapons and it wouldn't be a fair fight otherwise.  This shows that Beowulf is very courageous.  Finally he says that the outcome of the battle is in God's hands and he is content with that.  This reveals Beowulf's devotion to God.