The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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In The Kite Runner, how does Baba and Amir's relationship change when they move to the United States?

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Amir and his father became much closer after fleeing Afghanistan. They had lived through terrible danger together and had survived to make a new life in a land that was equally foreign to both of them. Once a wealthy man, Baba had to work tirelessly in the new country, performing menial labor to eke out a living and make it possible for Amir to go to college. He was a very proud man, but he did so without pity or complaint. On weekends, Amir and Baba worked together at the flea market, selling whatever they could find, to make a few dollars more. Adversity drew them closer every day, as did joy. Baba understood and respected Amir's love for Soraya and helped him in his quest to win her hand. Their marriage was a source of great happinessfor Baba.

Their relationship changed, as well, because Amir was no longer a confused boy burning with guilt and resentment. He was a young man mature enough to appreciate the sacrifices his father made for him and to understand why he made them. When Baba became ill, Amir treated him with gentleness and concern. He loved his father and expressed it without hesitation. Amir had grown up. He recognized Baba lived with courage every day in fighting his illness, the same courage he had displayed in Afghanistan, risking his life to save a woman's honor. By the time Baba's life grew to a close, he and his son had developed the bond they had been unable to forge during Amir's childhood.

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