In To Kill a Mockingbird, when Atticus asks Scout about the blanket around her shoulders, what does she say?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 8 when Miss Maudie's house catches on fire, the neighborhood turns out to help try to salvage her belongings. Curious, Jem and Scout "slid across the street" to find Miss Maudie silent. To break the silence, Atticus asks if anyone wants hot cocoa, so they return home. In the kitchen, then, Atticus notices that Scout has a blanket around her shoulders "squaw-fashion."

"Atticus, I don't know, sir...I--" she replies.

Jem supports her answer, saying that he does not know either because they stood still down by the Radley gate "away from everybody, we didn't move an inch..."; then, he tells Atticus that Mr. Nathan was at the fire. Then, when Atticus instructs Scout to get some wrapping paper with which to wrap the blanket, Jem spills all their secrets about the hole in the tree where Boo was leaving them gifts and how Nathan put cement it, and other things that have happened. Atticus calms him and promises to "keep this and the blanket to ourselves." 

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