When Antigone decides to bury Polyneices, she is __________?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several words or phrases that can be entered in the blank.  One  would be "defiant."  When Antigone decides to bury Polyneices she is defiant against Creon's edict that forbade such a thing.  Antigone is defiant because she recognizes that the law and her vision of justice are two separate elements.  She is appealing to a "higher" notion in breaking what she believes to be an unjust law and through this, she is "defiant."

Another word to fit in the blank could very well be "honorable."  When Antigone decides to bury Polyneices, she is honoring the bond she shares with her brother.  She is honoring personal connections made and honoring the emotional connections present.  She is also being honorable in how she believes in what she is doing is right and rejecting an authority structure she believes to be wrong.  Essentially, in defying an unjust law, Antigone demonstrates honor.