Main Street Questions and Answers
by Sinclair Lewis

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When and where was Main Street by Lewis Sinclair published?

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It was originally published in 1920.

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dalcinaye | Student

It was originally published in the United States on October 23, 1920.   Harry Sinclair Lewis dedicated Main Street to James Branch Cabell & Joseph Hergesheimer, the two classiest novelists of the day.  At the time, Lewis and Alfred Harcourt were friends.  Lewis invested his own money in Mr. Harcourt's new publishing company, which would come to be known as Harcourt Brace.  Main Street would go one to be republished multiple times and as recently as 1993 by Barnes and Noble for their Classics Editions.  In addition, Main Street can be found in electronic version on Amazon Kindle published by Douglas Editions November 15, 2008.