When analyzing linguistic features, what sort of concepts should be looked at?

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Analyzing linguistic features in a text can be a challenging task. For one thing, there are several linguistic features and intentional, writer-designed elements in a text that are specific to the style of writing. For example, explanatory or informational texts contain different linguistic features from narratives, or texts that tell stories. The first step in analyzing a text is to identify the type of text you want to analyze.

Once you have identified the type of text, then the author's purpose for writing the material should be clear. Why is it important to understand the author's purpose? Because the author's purpose, to a great extent, will determine the linguistic features and conceptual framework of the text. Using informational or explanatory texts as an example, it would be highly unusual for a writer to use puns or idioms in a serious informational text. The type of text and the author's purpose are two frameworks from which to draw out the concepts and the linguistic...

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