When an Al^4+ ion is formed from an Al atom, the fourth electron is lost from theA 1s sub-shell. B 2s sub-shell. C 2p sub-shell. D 3s sub-shell.

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Electron configuration of Al atom can be given as follows.

`Al = 1S^2,2S^2,2P^6,3S^2,3P^1`

Most common form of Al ion is `Al^(3+)` . Because it has the electron configuration of Ne which is a inert element. The electron configuration of `Al^(3+)` is given below.

`Al^(3+) = 1S^2,2S^2,2P^6`

To form `Al^(3+)` one 2P electron and two 2S electrons will be removed. When we come to `Al^(4+)` we have to remove another electron from the outer sub shell. So the outer sub shell is 2P.


So the answer is 2P sub shell.Answer C.



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