When Americans think of punishment, they usually first think of prisons. What alternate ways of punishing convicted offenders might the general public find acceptable?  

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The United States incarcerates a greater percentage of its population than any other country in the world. So, yes, prison is certainly the go-to means of punishment in America. Prisons, however, in my opinion do nothing to help someone change harmful behaviors. Recidivism rates (rates of a person returning to prison after release) are extremely high. This is because having a criminal record affects one's ability to obtain a steady income. Additionally, prison often breaks apart social support networks, and it can leave deep and long-lasting trauma and PTSD that affects a person's ability to navigate the world post-release. Prison abolitionists believe that prisons are not a necessary institution in the world. Rather, they look to transformative justice and strengthening social safety nets and meeting basic needs as a response to harm. Transformative justice seeks to truly support someone in transforming their behaviors through supportive therapy and setting healthy boundaries for a...

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