When Americans think of punishment, they usually first think of prisons. What alternate ways of punishing convicted offenders might the general public find acceptable?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In our society, when we think about what is an appropriate punishment for somebody who committed a crime, we often think that a prison sentence is the best form of punishment. However, there are alternative methods that could be used that might be successful.

One method of punishing a person would be to use a form of electronic monitoring. Usually, this means the convicted person wears a bracelet that monitors where that person is at all times. If that person goes to a place that is forbidden, the authorities would move in and deal with the situation.

Another method of punishment would be to require the convicted person to make restitution to the victim if that is possible. If a person stole from another person, an appropriate punishment would be for that person to replace the item that was stolen. It might also be appropriate to add an additional cost to the original value of the item.

A final alternative method that could be used instead of prison would be to place the convicted person in a supervised group home. This person’s actions and movements would then be under constant supervision, but the person wouldn’t be confined to prison.

There are alternatives to consider besides placing a person in prison when determining a punishment for a person convicted of a crime.