What is Santiago's dilemma in "The Alchemist"?

Expert Answers
Susan Woodward eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overall, Sasntiago's dilemma is how to achieve his "Personal Legend".  After dreaming that he would find a treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt, Santiago first struggles with whether or not to believe in dreams.  He speaks to a gypsy woman and to the King of Salem, and they convince him that going after his personal legend is what he is destined to do.  His next dilemma is how to finance the trip.  He sells his sheep and sails from Spain to the northern coast of Africa.  After being robbed, Santiago is faced with the dilemma of how to recoup his losses and either go home to Spain or keep on his journey to Egypt.  He takes a year to work for a crystal merchant to save up while he figures out what he wants to do.  He initially wants to go back to Spain, but he ends up joining a caravan.  His next dilemma is when he has to decide whether or not to leave the woman he loves to go chasing after a dream.  He swears to Fatima that he will return, and she waits for him.  His biggest dilemma is when he must turn himself into the wind.  The alchemist he'd met on his journey is sure that the boy can achieve the feat, so he sits back and watches.  Ultimately, the boy does manage the task and is allowed to continue.  In Egypt, the boy is robbed again. One robber tells him that he once had a dream, but dreams are stupid. He says he dreamt about gold under a tree in Spain; Santiago knows where the tree is.