What is Reverend Parris' personality throughout The Crucible?

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Reverand Parris displays a few personality traits throughout the play.  In Act 1, Parris is portrayed as a greedy man who cares more about his reputation than he does about his own daughter.  In this act, he is praying and seems to be worried about Betty’s well-being but when explaining his worry to other characters, he constantly mentions how his congregation will see him if witchcraft is found in his house.  In Act 3, Parris can be described as bossy, pushy, and annoying.  As the trials progress, he is always in the way of the judges and tries to almost act as a judge to the point that Danforth says to him, “Mr. Parris, I bid you be silent.”  In Act 4, Parris changes a bit; he is still worried about his reputation but when he realizes that his life may be at stake, he becomes fearful that someone will kill him.

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