Examine the significance of Andromache being called Hector's "precious wife?"

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Andromache is referred to as Hector's "precious wife" because of the position she holds in his heart.  Hector is singular in his missions as both husband and warrior.  He understands his responsibility to Troy.  Yet, he is equally cognizant of his loyalty to his wife.  He is devoted to her and their son.  His words before he goes on the battlefield is representative of this.  Andromache is a devoted wife, one who recognizes what her husband must do, even if it comes at a significant cost to herself and her son. She stands by her husband, even at great pain to herself.  She demonstrates her "precious" quality in such unwavering commitment.

Hector reveres his wife.  It is for this reason that she is "precious" to him.  He never strays in his devotion to her.  In a setting where so many men are flippant with their commitments, thinking of themselves over others, and where the Gods, themselves, reveal theseves to be divergent in their wants, Hector stands alone.  He is driven by his love for Troy and the love he has for his wife.  Both are "precious."  Both motivate him.  Both stand in opposition to one another and place him in a brutal position of having to choose between equally "precious" but ultimately incompatible courses of action.


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