What were the major achievements of the French Revolution? 

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The French Revolution was a deeply transformative (as well as destabilizing) period in history, and its repercussions continued to be felt across the nineteenth century. It's also deeply difficult to pin down because of how it evolved across time, going through several different stages, each of which had its own particular accomplishments as well as failures.

I would say that, at its core, the French Revolution envisioned a radically new understanding of the relationship between a people and their country and of the notion of where sovereignty originates. Under Absolutist theory, sovereignty was ultimately viewed as being held within the monarchy itself, but the French Revolution would break with that traditional understanding. Instead, the Revolution would hold that sovereignty must ultimately reside with the people and nation of France. To simplify this argument, one might say that the French Revolution entailed the transformation of subjects into citizens and was key in unleashing...

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