What is the contextual significance of professional development in the field of education?

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Professional development is significant in the field of education because it is absolutely necessary for teachers to develop their skills and abilities as much as possible.  This is particularly true given the emphasis that laws like the No Child Left Behind Act place on having highly qualified teachers in all classrooms.

In today’s world, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on the public education system.  There are many who argue that teachers lack the skills and knowledge that they need to be highly effective.  In addition, there is the fundamental need for teachers to be as good as they can be, regardless of whether there is pressure on them.  For these reasons, professional development is very important.  It allows teachers to continue to hone their skills and to acquire more knowledge as they go along in their careers.  By doing this, the teachers can give their students the best possible education.  In addition, they can perhaps relieve some of the pressure and end some of the criticism being directed at the educational system.

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