What's your favorite song?Hey everyone. Have been posting questions like this lately and has seemed to be getting a good response. Will try to keep these kinds of discusions going. Please just say...

What's your favorite song?

Hey everyone. Have been posting questions like this lately and has seemed to be getting a good response. Will try to keep these kinds of discusions going. Please just say what your favorite song(s) is/are and who the band is/are. Enjoy

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Although my favorite group is Journey, I'd have to say my favorite song of all time is "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by the Police.  Sting has an awesome voice, and I love the idea that a man would be so in love with a woman that everything "she does is magic."

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Oh, my. I have so many favorite songs, and they range across many genres as well. I don't think I could ever narrow it to just one, but I thought about your question from the point of view of being stranded on a desert island with a very limited list on my ipod, and that helped to focus it.

I would want to have Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring", along with selections by Beethoven ( Fifth and Ninth Symphonies, Eroica, Moonlight Sonata)  Bach (Art of the Fugue), and Vivaldi (Four Seasons).

I'd want some Scott Joplin rags, and some Gershwin, and Count Basie.

On the modern side, there would have to be Pink Floyd - the Dark Side album (especially Great Gig in the Sky, which I could listen to all day), and Meddle. Something from Rick Wakeman - the King Arthur album, or Six Wives of Henry the Eighth. Also some Yes - probably the Yessongs album. And the Moody Blues are a must.

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I second #4.  I like Enya.  I would like to recommend an app called SoundHound. I have it on my iPhone, but I am sure you can get it on most smart phones.  You can hold your phone up to any music and it will tell you what it is, and you can buy the song right then!  So often I hear a song on the radio or tv and I like it, but have no idea what it is.  This app helps me find new favorite songs all the time.

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Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones

The Wall-by Pink Floyd(the entire album)

Sarah Brightman-pretty much anything she sings is gorgeous

Pavorotti-same thing!

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When a woman loves a man

You should listen to this song by Westlife ! Perfect lyrics and perfect music !!!

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I've got plenty! I tend to prefer songs that do not have lyrics, for some unknown reason, and songs that stimulate mental thought and dreaming. But here is a short list of my personal favourites;



  • Enya - Silver Inches - (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoqBbr67o8k)



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Back in middle school, I had a crush on a best friend of mine, but didn't mention anything because I thought he didn't feel the same way. However, when I got to high school, I got my courageous and confessed my feelings for him and it turns out he felt the same way, during that time, I stumbled across Chris Rice's song of "When Did You Fall" and it basically sums up our story with each other and how we felt about each other and not knowing exactly when we both felt the same way.

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My favorite song currently is BB OP. Not really a song but an opening to an anime... Not a big fan of music, sorry!

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My favorite song lately is a cover of Honor Him/Now We Are Free. It is done by an acapella group called Eight Beat Measure. I really enjoy all the different layers of harmonies there are within the song. It also is nice because it changes up paces as you go throughout the song. It starts off nice and slow and then becomes more upbeat.

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I have a lot of favorite songs and I tend to listen to kpop more . As of right now , my favorite song is probably XOXO by Exo because it give off a cute and lively vibe . ( Exo is an 11 member used to be 12 boy group ) . 

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I  must say that I love "Take it All: by Adele. I believe that she is one of the greatest artists out there with some real talent. She has a great voice and many great songs! Feel free to look up the song if you have never heard of it. Enjoy.