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What's wrong with adults today? It can be about parents, seniors or baby boomers.  I'm confused about how to start.    

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There are many ways to go with this question since you could talk about it on a personal level (what's wrong with parents) or on a more societal level (what's wrong with baby boomers or seniors).

I will look at this on the societal level and theorize that what may be wrong with baby boomers (and to some extent adults in general) is that they are selfish and demanding.  This has led to many of our governmental and economic problems.

As an example of this, let us look at Medicare.  The system is clearly broken and will be bankrupt soon.  Yet American voters refuse to consider cutting back on the system's benefits or raising taxes to pay for it.  Adults (particularly older ones) are thinking only of their own desires (to have great medical care for little direct cost to them) and not about the debt that they are leaving to future generations like the one now in high school.


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