What are the units for length, volume, temperature, time, power, and force in the SI (or metric) system?  

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There are many different units which can be used to measure the quantities listed depending on the particular application or industry.  In the international system (SI) there are a group of "base" units from which other units can be derived.  The base units for

     Length is the meter, m

     Time is the second, s

From these two we get speed (m/s) and accleration (m/s^2)

     Mass is the gram, although most applications use the kilogram

From mass and acceleration, we get the unit of force

     Force is kg m/s^2 which is renamed the Newton (N)

From force and distance we get work

     Work is the Nm (newton-meter) which is renamed the joule (j)

From work and time we get power

     Power is j/s which is renamed the Watt (W)

From distance applied to the three dimensions of an object we get volume

     Volume is the Liter (L) which is (1/10 meter)^3  or  1,000 cm^3 

Temperature is the degree Kelvin, or more commonly the degree centrigrade (also known as the degree Celsius)

     Temperature is Kelvin (K)

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