What's are the types of plant materials that can be used in making paper?

  • Utilizing soft wood to make the paper
  • Soaked with warm water, blended for four to five min then drain
  • Transferred to mold screen (allow to set)
  • Remove from warm water (allow to drain)
  • Let the combined materials set for seven days
  • (Materials) - Paper mold, deckle, warm water, plastic tub, news paper, colored paper, blender, roller, (to remove excess water), sponges (remove excess moisture)

Expert Answers

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The common type of plant material used in paper and pulp industry is wood or wood chips. Trees are cultivated targeting the pulp industry, most common types of wood used is eucalyptus and acacia. Some other types are birch, aspen and pine.

Baggase, which is a by product of the sugar industry can also be used as source for pulp.It is the remnant of the sugar plant after the extraction of sugar.

Agricultural residues like rice and wheat straws are being used as altenatives for wood.

Bamboo and fibre crps like kenaf(similar to cotton) are also used instead of wood.

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