Assess Troy and Rose's relationship.

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Wilson displays the relationship between Troy and Rose as a complex one.  Rose is a dutiful wife.  She withstands much of what Troy puts her through.  His anger, his emotional distance, and his own bouts with struggling with elements that cannot be countered in this life are all endured with amazing grace.  A great example of this would be in the building of the fence.  Troy comes to see the fence as a way to ward off death, while she sees it as an element to keep her family safe from harm.  Rose does not let the condition of challenge in marrying Troy impact her.  Even when it is evident that she cannot overcome the pain of being cheated upon, she carries out her duties.  In channeling her energy to her church activities and seeking out a better life than what is, Rose provides a countervailing force to Troy's own sense of destruction.  In both of them, there is a painful condition of being trapped by the condition of what is and then the ability to construct what can be from what is.  It is for this reason that they are a couple that complements one another.  Even when it is evident that the love shared between them is gone, this complement still exists between them.