What's the tone of "There Will Come Soft Rains"?  

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Unless it is qualified in some way, as in someone, perhaps, describing a narrator's tone, tone is generally understood to refer to the author's feelings about the story's subject. This story, to my mind, has a tone of inevitability. There seems to be no irony, no real surprise that any of the events that take place in the story—or that preceded it—have happened. It seems, in some ways, as though it were bound to. Whatever has been happening in the town near the home has "ruined" it, and now it produces a "radioactive glow" that can be seen from miles away. People have, evidently, become so reliant on technology to perform even the most mundane tasks—like cooking breakfast—that it must have progressed and advanced at a most rapid pace.

When progress occurs so quickly, we often do not have the opportunity to really think through and consider the myriad possibilities or consequences of its centrality in our lives (e.g., think about our current reliance on cell phones—do we know all...

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