What's Tom Walker's appearance in his actions, his words, and his reactions of other characters to him?using details from the story for description

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At the opening of this tale, Tom Walker is described as a "meagre, miserly fellow," and that he is! His house, his land, and his wife all reflect this meanness. In fact, they are "so miserly, they cheat each other." His life is so miserable that not even smoke curls from their chimney and all their animals are also miserable. His relationship with his wife is terrible: "His face sometimes showed signs that their conflicts were not confined to words." The townspeople avoid them both at all costs.

However, after Tom makes the deal with the Black Woodsman and his wife disappears, all starts to change. He becomes a usurer, a moneylender, in Boston and very wealthy. He is a "mighty and rich man," and he even goes to church. However, for poor Tom, all is lost as the Devil has his soul at the end. This tale was derived from a German story, that of Faust, another who sold his soul to the devil and later regretted it!

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