What's this article about sex education trying to explain?http://www.orlandosentinel.com/health/sns-ap-us-med-sex-education,0,3464500.story

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The major point that is being made in this article is that American schools are not really teaching students about methods of birth control.  Instead, they are teaching more about the dangers of STDs and pregnancy and about how to say "no" to sex.

In addition, the article seems to be trying to tell us why this is happening.  The main idea there is that abstinence-only programs are, according to the article, the main reason for the lack of instruction about birth control.  Many conservatives (as in the eNotes link below) believe that sex ed should be about values and avoiding sex, not about how to use birth control.  The article argues that these sorts of attitudes and programs are why kids don't get much information about birth control (you should note, though, that about two-thirds of them do get such information).

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