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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the primary purposes Randy Paush hoped to accomplish with The Last Lecture was to share with his listeners the insights into how to live life well that he felt he had gained during his life. His method of sharing these insights was frequently through the telling of anecdotes that illustrated the point he hoped to make.

His wife, Jai, was distraught because she had backed one vehicle into the other, causing dents in Randy's Volkswagen convertible. She spent the day agonizing and preparing a very special meal to soften the upset she anticipated when she told him of the accident.

When the time came and she did tell him what had happened, his actual reaction was to say that it was not a problem, that the VW was still drivable and they would continue to use it, complete with dents. His point was that, in the overall scheme of life, dents in the car were not important or worthy of consuming time and energy.