What's the theme/argument Sedaris makes in this collection? Do you think that Sedaris's rhetorical use of satire and irony is the subject? What was his purpose and reasoning behind his argument?

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David Sedaris uses satire to make even the most mundane event comical and sometimes unnervingly astute. Me Talk Pretty One Day, a collection of essays about both his childhood in North Carolina and his time as an adult in France, is no exception. In an interview with BookPage in 2000, Michael Sims writes, “Sedaris likes to make his essays out of the unremarkable strands of his own life.” Sedaris himself says, “It seems like literature, or at least recent American literature, teaches you that unless you grew up living in the back of a car or unless your folks were in prison, you really don’t have a story to tell.”

Sedaris's use of satire and irony prove that individual outlook is an important factor in telling a story—any story. His essays are humorous, relatable, and...

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