What's the theme in paragraph four as related to the whole poem "Railway Club Blues" by Pete Trower?

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One possible theme of "Railway Club Blues" is that of two generations coming together for a common cause. That cause in this poem is music. Trower begins by detailing the differences between the youth of today's generation and the youth of his childhood.

I journey through the past along the pints, among the punks who propagate the game, the whitewashed girls; the boys like cockatoos, with shaven heads and crests of orange hair, strange children of the simple punks we were...

The poet then makes a connection among the two different generations.

In limbo where the time has gone awry, and now meets then in tipsy stalemate...

Trower then mentions how the faces of today's youth create a "kindred memory" and srike a "common chord."

The last stanza, the two generations are brought together through jazz music and "all cardboard boundaries are erased." The poet sees the same appreciation for jazz in the modern youth as in the youth of his older generation.

The theme of connecting two generations through a love of music is woven together through three stanzas - an account of their differences, a connection of their commonalities, and finally an appreciation for jazz that spans both generations.

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