What's summary of look back in anger

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The overlying plot in the play 'Look Back In Anger' by John Osborne, is that of a love triangle. An educated but bitter young man is married to a middle class wife who is not very emotional or responsive and has a best friend who doesn't get on with the 'angry young man.' The atmosphere is tense and volatile and their lodger does his best to calm things down. The play was well known for the outbursts of anger, many of them directed at society,particularly middle class society but there are deeper more sinister undertones too for some of them are obviously directed in an aggressive style towards women.

Osborne had a difficult childhood and also an unhappy marriage himself and it seems as though his ability to relate well and nurturingly towards girls and women was damaged, but in this play he seemed to coin the term 'angry young man' for young people who were angry about anything.