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Chapter 16 is the morning after the mob was at the jail the night before and the first day of the trial.

Atticus talks to his kids about why things happened the night before. Aunt Alexandra adds her two cents in, saying that the trial is affecting the kids. Atticus dismisses this and tells the kids not to head downtown. Like all kids, they ignore that request.

Scout, Jem and Dill head to the courthouse. Jem takes it upon himself to tell Dill (and us) about the people who are arriving the courthouse as well. Jem points out in great detail Dolphus Raymond, the town drunk who married a African-American woman.

When the kids finally arrive, there is no space for them in the seating area downstairs, they find Reverend Sykes who leads them to the seating area upstairs. This area is usually reserved for the coloured people.

Scout describes courtroom and Judge Taylor. Before the end of the chapter, Heck Tate takes to the stand.

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