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Medea follows the traditional structure of a Greek tragedy: prologue, parodos, first episode and stasimon (also known as choral ode), second episode and stasimon, third episode and stasimon, fourth episode and stasimon, fifth episode and stasimon, sixth episode and stasimon, seventh episode and stasimon, and then the last scene, the exodus.

The prologue is the first scene of the play and introduces the characters. In Medea, the prologue is between the Nurse and the Pedagogue. It ends with the Nurse saying, "It brings all the greater ruin when some god feels spite toward a house" (lines 128-129). Medea laments offstage.

The parodos is the first choral scene, in which the chorus and Nurse further illustrate the plight of Medea while Medea continues to lament offstage.

Each episode and stasimon follows a call-and-response format between the plot in the episode and the chorus's interpretation of the events in the stasima.

The exodus, or final scene, depicts Medea lamenting her fate to the gods after...

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