whats the similarity and differences anne moody and her mom in the biography Coming of the age in the Mississippi ?

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Anne and her mother represent the African American attitude of the future and the past, respectively. Growing up in the midst of the civil rights movement, Anne and her mother experience the turmoil, emotion and danger of being African American in the south during the 1950s and 1960s. 

Mother and daughter are definitely more different than they are alike. However, they share the fact that they both care deeply about the well-being of African Americans in the South. Anne's mother loves her family and wants the best for them as does Anne. Likewise, they are both hardworking women who will work whatever job necessary to support the family. 

However, the differences between Anne and her mother stem from the beliefs they have about what is best for the family and for the African American culture at large. Anne's mother can best be described as from the "do not rock the boat" mindset and conforms to the expected behaviors for someone of her race and gender. She sees the unfairness in the world but believes actions taken against the wrongs will make things worse. Anne does whatever she feels will better the state of existence for her family and African Americans. She is not worried about "rocking the boat" and challenges traditional behaviors and attitudes in efforts to gain equality for her people. Unlike her mother, where Anne sees unfairness in the world, she is called to take action, believing she can make the world a better place. 

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