What are the significant passages in Chapter 13 of The Autobiography of Malcolm X?need atleast ten passages

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 13 of The Autobiography of Malcolm X is entitled "Minister Malcolm X."  In this chapter The Honorable Elijah Muhammad makes Malcolm X his national minister in the Nation of Islam.

This quote at the beginning of the chapter is significant:

My adoration of Mr. Muhammad grew, in the sense of the Latin root word adorare.  It means much more than our "adoration" or "adore."  It means that my worship of him was so awesome that he was the first man whom I ever feared--not fear such as of a man with a gun, but the fear such as one has of the power of the sun.

This is wonderful wordplay by Malcolm and Alex Haley, and their analogy of Elijah Muhammad is beautifully wrought.  The word "gun" foreshadows Malcolm's death, and the "sun" has a Biblical connotation and a double-meaning if thought of a "son."  Elijah is clearly the father figure here.  More, Malcolm is in complete control of Mr. Muhammad: he says and does whatever the prophet tells him to.

The authors are setting the readers up for their inevitable falling out.  Malcolm will soon learn of Elijah Muhammad's double life (he sired several children with young women), and Malcolm will leave the Nation of Islam.

Another memorable scene comes at the end of the chapter where Malcolm leads several Nation of Islam brothers to march in the streets as protest against the police brutality of Brother Hinton.  The incident shows Malcolm's leadership in the face of persecution, and the power of peaceful, non-violent protest.  Malcolm is often thought of as violent in comparison to Dr. King, but this incident shows the solidarity and imposing "threat" of violence that Malcolm commands.