What's the significance of the title "Animal Farm"?

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The title of the book and the changed name of the farm (it used to be Jones farm, I think, but check on that) is that the farm is actually run by animals.  A farm for animals, by animals is the premise under which the pigs work when they encourage the rebellion in their secret meeting. 

The animals, of course, are an allegory for men since the pigs who take over the running of things morph to look more and more like men--especially after they move into the house, begin sleeping in beds, and drinking alcohol just as they had seen their human masters do before the takeover.  At first, the name change signifies a unity among animals and is the crown of their success as a team.  Then as the pigs become more like despots and the animals realize they are worse off under the rule of the pigs than they were under the rule of man, it becomes more of a joke...it is not really a farm which signifies equality among all animals because "some animals are more equal than others".

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George Orwell's Animal Farm, published in 1945, was a political allegory, satirising the corruption & cruelty of the Stalinist era in the post-Revolution Russia. A group of animals--boars,pigs, horses, hens--take the possession of a manor farm to convert it into an animal farm. This parodies the Russian Revolution of 1917 & goes on to expose in the form of a fairy-tale how the Bolshevik leadership  made a travesty of the ideals of socialism, of the ideal of equality for all. The animals reflect the shortcomings & corruptions of the revolutionary leadership as they emulate human speech and conduct. The marginalisation of Snowball and the victory of Napoleon allegorises the animalism of the Bolshevik state under the leadership of Stalin, the dystopia of 'all men are equal' being subverted to 'all men are equal, but some men are more equal than others'.