What's a short summary of the book Murder on the Orient Express?

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The main character in Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express is a Belgian detective by the name of Hercule Poirot. After finishing a case in Syria, he arrives by train in "Stamboul" (modern-day Istanbul) and then receives a telegram at his hotel, demanding his immediate return to London. While dining at the hotel, Poirot serendipitously runs into an old friend, Monsieur Bouc, who is a high-ranking employee for the Orient Express train company—the same train Poirot is to take that evening. Once on the train, Poirot is approached by a man named Ratchett, who asks the Belgian detective for assistance regarding death threats he has been receiving. Poirot turns him down because he doesn't like the appearance of Ratchett and perceives him as being an evil man.

The following morning, Poirot is summoned to M. Bouc’s car and informed that a murder had taken place the night before. The victim was Ratchett, who had been stabbed to death twelve times. While investigating the murder scene,...

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