What's the setting of the story in "Eveline" by James Joyce? 

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Most simply put, the setting of any story is the time and place in which a story unfolds. However, in a larger sense, setting also refers to a story's overall greater environment and establishes the mood of a story. Setting can include "social conditions, historical time, geographical locations weather, immediate surroundings, and timing" (Literary Devices, "Setting").

In James Joyce's short story "Eveline," the story opens with the title character and protagonist, Eveline, sitting at a window in her father's home, at dusk , watching dusk turn to evening. Therefore, the window, the home, and the approaching...

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The setting of Eveline by James Joyce is 1895 Dublin, Ireland (the current capital city). At the time, Ireland was still under the control of the English monarchy and would be until the year 1922. It is important to note that the Roman Catholic Church and English monarchy were both significant social, political, and economic forces in Ireland. Understanding this part of the setting is integral to understanding the themes of paralysis and corruption woven into Eveline.

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