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SANE is an acronym for sexual assault nurse examiner. In most jurisdictions a SANE nurse must first be a R.N. with three to four years of emergency care experience. SANE nurses receive specialized training from the District Attorneys office in relation to evidence collection on sexually assaulted victims. Nurses volunteer for this training, most do it as a public service. They are "on call". The physician examining the assaulted victim can call the nurse to come in and assist with the examination and collection of physical evidence. Very specific protocols must be followed while collecting evidence from a assaulted patient. Later if needed, the SANE nurse may be subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution at the criminal trial. Most hospitals will compensate the SANE nurse at her hourly wage if she comes in when she is off duty to assist with the exam.

In addition to the physical needs of the assaulted victim, SANE nurses also study the psychology of victimology, a whole discipline in its own right.

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