What's the rising of "Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry"?

Expert Answers
ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If by "rising" you mean rising action, then rising action would be all the events that take place in the story which build the tension on the way to the climax of the story. For example:

  • The children who ride the school bus with the Logan children pick on them.
  • The Logan children devise a plan in which they dig a ditch in the muddy road, and when the bus gets stuck it breaks it axle.
  • When she goes to Strawberry, Cassie Logan is teated with disrespect, and this is surprising to her.
  • The Logan family boycotts the local store when the Wallace boys kill a black man.
  • As a result of their attempts at civil disobedience, Mama loses her teaching job
  • Papa is attacked on his way to Vicksburg and ends up getting a broken leg.
  • Stacey's friend T. J. starts hanging out with some rough teenagers who happen to be white, and they end up framing him for a murder they commit.
  • Papa sets his own cotton field on fire in order to try and stop the white people from lynching T. J.