What's so revolutionary about the scientific revolution? 

gsenviro | Student

The scientific revolution represents a fundamental shift in our thinking and changed our lives forever. In most cultures, philosophical or religious reasons were used to explain everything around us. These explanations were either handed down from one generation to the next or through authority figures (which were in most cases a religious figure). Free thinking and inductive reasoning was sometimes punished if it contradicted traditional beliefs.

The scientific revolution brought much-needed change. Enlightened (scientifically) people searched for empirical evidence to support or disprove any observation and came up with plausible reasons that explained the various phenomena in a much more convincing way. What's more, these scientific reasons were applicable to all such similar instances and thus the repeatibility of the evidence/observation bolstered the common man's belief in them. This brought about a fundamental shift in our thinking when we began to think "how" and "why" instead of searching for religious or philosophical reasons. This also undermined the authority of religions and religious figures and that's why the scientific revolution is so revolutionary.

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