What's the relationship between Chillingworth and Dimmesdale?

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Roger Chillingworth is Reverend Dimmesdale's torturer and secret enemy. He gradually torments the sensitive reverend after he learns about Dimmesdale's affair with Hester. Roger Chillingworth initially recognizes that something is suspicious about Dimmesdale and pays particularly close attention to the reverend's affliction and mysterious illness. Given the fact that Roger Chillingworth is known throughout the Puritan village as a practiced physician, he volunteers to help the sick reverend. After Chillingworth succeeds in living with Dimmesdale, where he can closely investigate the suspicious man, he continually asks the reverend leading questions in hopes of discovering Dimmesdale's dark secret. One evening, Arthur Dimmesdale falls asleep, and Chillingworth discovers the letter "A" carved into the reverend's chest, which reveals his secret affair. Knowing that Arthur Dimmesdale is suffering from an infection and lack of medical attention, Chillingworth proceeds to enact revenge on the...

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