What's the relationship between Renaissance and Reformation?

albi123 | Student

The Reniasance was a rebirth of the Greeko-Roman ideas from before. In turn, alot of people started thinking differently and built on to the Greco-Roman advancements. Some being art, literature, and architechture. Reformation was started by the same new thinking that started in the Reniasance. People started questioning the Roman Catholic Church and saw many flaws in the Church and soon seperated. The person who is credited with the start of the Reformation movement is Martin Luther a christian monk. He wrote the 95  thesis which were 95 things he found with the Roman Catholic Church and ways to improve it. His 95 thesis spead like wild fire and soon many groups of people in Central Europe left the church and formed thier own Protestant Church.

praveenm | Student

the renaissance movement was actually a price paid to reformation. the spirit of enquiry brout by the renaissance movement led to  reformation movement.