How is the political structure different in Anthem from the one in the movie "The Village"?

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The political structure in Ayn Rand's Anthem is more hierarchical than that found in the movie, "The Village." The movie centers around a small, yet very deceived, community who are pawns in an experiment; whereas the characters in Rand's novel exist in futuristic society with a fully working government. Even though Rand's government is limited in knowledge and technology, just as the movie is, there is a real system in place under which people like the protagonist, Equality, are subject to major social injustices. "The Village," on the other hand, uses the legend of monsters to scare people back into their houses and keep out of the forest. Anthem does this too, but again, the political structure is more organized, has many different departments to it, and functions on a higher level than that of the communal one in the movie.


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