A Passage to India Questions and Answers
by E. M. Forster

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What's the plot summary of A Passage to India?

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This is a novel concerning British colonialism in India. It is the story of strained relationships and culture clashes. You can read the plot summary right nere on eNotes. There are also several study guides, sample essay questions, etc. that can help you review potential quiz questions.

A young woman, Adela Quested, travels to India to marry a man named Ronny Healsop. She has a difficult time adjusting to India and the Indians are not particularly fond of her either. She decides not to marry Ronny, but then changes her mind after they are in a car accident. In the meantime, Ronny's mother, Mrs. Moore, has also traveled to India to visit her son. She is respectful of Indian culture and the Indians consider her their friend, especially a man named Dr. Aziz. Dr. Aziz tries to make friends with the British, but he tries too hard. He arranges a trip to the Marabar Caves which turns into a disaster. Adela accuses him of sexually attacking her, which is not true. He is jailed and Mrs. Moore returns to England, not wanting to testify at his trial as a character witness. She dies on the way back to England. Adela admits in court that Dr. Aziz is innocent, that she was mistaken, and Aziz is released. Mr. Fielding, a teacher who is sympathetic to the Indians, protects Adela from the avenging mobs who go wild after Aziz is acquitted. Adela returns to England without marrying Ronnie. Mr. Fielding and Dr. Aziz try to maintain their friendship, but there are too many challenges.

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