What is the plot of "The Most Dangerous Game?

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Given that plot in its simplest definition is the structure of what happens in a story as arranged by an author. This being said, the plot of "The Most Dangerous Game" is as follows:

Introduction: Rainsford, a world-renowned hunter falls off of a ship.

Rising Action: Rainsford finds himself of an isolate island which belongs to General Zaroff. Zaroff welcomes Rainsford given their common liking of hunting. Zaroff tells Rainsford of his "new prey"-humans. Zaroff tells Rainsford that he will hunt him. Rainsford goes into the forrest to hide from Zaroff.

Climax: Rainsford "dies".

Falling Action/Conclusion: Rainsford kills Zaroff.

So, there you go. Typical to many short stories, the Falling action and Conclusion are combined.

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