What's the plot line of "Whale Talk" by Chris Crutcher? I just want to have an idea of the main points that would make up the plot line of "Whale Talk" by Chris Crutcher.

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In Whale Talk T.J. (a multiracial "misfit") functions as an anti-hero by bucking the system of the athletic traditions of his high school.  He feels that this all-important focus on sports alienates many of the students.  While athletic himself, he chooses not to participate to make a point.  But when confrunted by a beloved teacher to start a swim team, he recruits other "misfits" into his goal.  It becomes a tale of redemption, of overcoming the victimization inflicted on each of the swimmers, as well as other characters.  Each one learns to put the past behind him and take control of his own destiny.

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The basic plot line is that a group of misfits find out they can get a coveted school varsity letter jacket if they form a swin team. They do so, and despite many setbacks, eventually achieve their dream, get the jackets, and more importantly gain respect from their peers and for themselves.

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what's the rising action with events in the book "whale talk" by chris crutcher 

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Why does t.j. go into the woods? What Happens There?

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