What are Momma's plans for going to Birmingham?

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In the book The Watson's go to Birmingham-1963 the Watson's have had nothing but trouble with their son Byron.  They want him to experience life in Alabama because they feel it will help him to realize how lucky he has it and it will help to straighten him out.

Once they decide to go in the car the Brown Bomber, mam begins to write down budgets into her notebook.  Mama made a list and packed a bunch of food into a big green cooler borrowed from the Johnson family.  Mama's itenary read as follows

Day 1-They left Flint and would drive for 3oo miles.  They would arrive in Cincinnati. where they would spend the night in a motel.  The kids would sleep on the floor on blankets.

Day they would travel 5 or 6 hours.  They would sleep in the car in Knoxville, Tennessee. They would stay in a motel if the rest stops were too dirty.

Day 3 (Monday) would be a long drive with one stop to eat.  The trip back would be a little easier.

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