What is The Meaning Of Petri Dish?? I Know that the petri dish or plate is a means for culturing, but I want know more about the petri dish!  

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The Petri dish was invented by and is named after Julius Richard Petri, in 1877. A petri dish is a round, shallow, plastic or glass dish used by biologists to culture Bactria, viruses and other cells.  It has a lid to prevent contamination.  The Petri Dish is an extremely important tool in biology. Other uses of the Petri Dish are to observe the germination of plants, observe small animal, and to dry liquids.  Many times the dishes are used with agar, a growth medium and gel made from extracts of red algae.  Many scientific breakthroughs have occured with the use of the Petri Dish. 

"Growing cells integrated with electronic circuits, cloning organs, and understanding viruses have been accomplished with the aid of the humble petri dish."

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