bhawanipur | Student

According to me life is very precious. The meaning of life is to "lit it for ever" and illuminate others by your light. Life is such abstract which keeps out body alive but cannot be seen though can be felt. Its a gift of God or Nature to us and so we need to thank them and acquire knoledge to shed away our ignorance with with we pollute and afffect others.

Life to me is not only for enjoying the aspirations of instincts but also to know the self in it. Because when we die, the body remains lying but the spark which we call life is not there. Therefore life is certainly not the material body but which keeps it alive. We should be inquisitive to know it.

Life becomes fruitful when we help a little either to remove his weariness, sufferings, mental agony with our knowledge or the resources we can share. Physical enjoyment is found even in the body of other areatures but as a human being to erase out hatred and misconceptions about anything is our bounden duty. That can illuminate others and the world we live will be eternal.

This is the view of my ignorant mind. Please bear with me.

suzannah304 | Student

life is simply a network of people bonded together with happiness, sorrow, friendship, and so on..

scientifically,life is a unique, complex organisation of molecules, expressing through chemical reactions which leads to growth, development, responsiveness, adaptation and reproduction.

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