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What's the meaning of brand personality?

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Brand personality is the composite of human traits and characteristics that define a commercial brand name. There are five main types of brand personalities:

  • excitement
  • sincerity,
  • sophistication
  • ruggedness and
  • competence.

Marketing experts employ the services of social psychologists, whose job is to gather of data from consumers. These consumers, serving as focus groups, are surveyed on those very types of brand personalities. Using this method of research, consumers express how drawn they feel to the brand based on the five personality traits. Questions that may be found in these types of researches include: Is the brand exciting? Can you trust the brand? Is it family-oriented? Is it a leader among its competitors? Does it inspire sophistication? These are just a few sample questions that are often answered within a range of 1-5, five being "strongly agree".

The data collected from the research helps to determine the "look and feel" of the brand. This includes the brand's logo, use of colors, use of shapes, and packaging among other things. It is in the influence of the marketing that the brand bases its strongest foundations. Hence, brand personality entails that the stronger the traits, the more the brand will influence the buying market.

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brand personality is nothing but personification of brand

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