What's the main idea? and what do we mean by physical transformation? what are the key words of it?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Do you mean the traditional Indian short story or folk tale 'The Girl Who Married The Snake?' In this story a beautiful daughter is promised in marriage to a family the bride's father knows well,but without ever meeting the son. This may be a big mistake, as the son is actually a snake! However, the love her daughter has for her father and respect for the family and her trust in them makes her agree to honour the promise. She tries to be a good wife to the snake, and eventually the true 'prince' under the snakeskin reveals himself as a handsome honourable young man whom she loves instantly. The father finds the snakeskin one day and throws it in the fire,freeing the boy from the curse and he is physically transformed forever. The main ideas are trust,deceptive appearances,not judging a book by it's cover,trying to do one's best,reward for commitment and love and hope for the future. The 'snake's' true nature was honour and courtesy. Those are some of the key words. A good comparison piece would be Jasmine: